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Children's "Deficiency test".


If your child has:

  •  irritability

  • memory loss

  • attention deficit

  • hyperactivity

  • insomnia

  • problems with learning and remembering

  • headaches

  • emotional instability

  • fatigue

  • distraction

  • low mood up to depression

  • profuse salivation

  • anxiety

  • fears

  • lethargy

  • apathy

  • nervousness

  • aggressiveness

  • psychosis

  • memory losses

  • shyness (startle)

  • hallucinations

  • mental retardation

  • delayed speech development

  • incoordination (wobbly gait)

  • the child often fights

  • the child is addicted to alcohol, tobacco or drugs during adolescence

  • child has nightmares

  • bouts of sadness and anxiety

  • conflicts with classmates and teachers

  • underachievement

  • sudden dizziness

  • causeless bruising

  • epilepsy

  • distortions of thought processes and emotional reactions by the type of schizophrenia (or already diagnosed with schizophrenia)

  • incipient strabismus

Order and pass the "Deficiency Test"!

Perhaps your child simply has a nutritional deficiency.


The cost of the test analysis is 120 Euro,135 US dollars.

The service includes:

Analysis of test and reporting of nutrient deficiencies identified by the Test. Tips on how to fix it.

Additionally, at the request of the client, as a free assistance:

Assistance in calculating the doses of specific vitamins that the Client purchased.

20 days of curation after receiving the Recommendations.

      Urgent issuance of test recommendations within 1 business day

240 Euro, 270 US dollars.

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