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How to restore physical and mental health.

Our Test is a screening questionnaire for manifestations of deficiencies. It shows what is happening in the cell of the body.

The fact is that there are 2 types of indicators of substance deficiencies. The first is the amount of certain vitamins and minerals in the blood, the second is deficiency states when there are manifestations in the body (those that are in the points of our test). A blood test always gives indicators for the first case. But, in medicine, it is known that the presence of a substance in the bloodstream does not mean that this substance is sufficient in the body. It is possible to have a lot of magnesium in the blood and experience severe magnesium deficiency. It is possible to have an excess of B vitamins in the blood and at the same time suffer from their deficiency. This is a medical fact and we have had such cases.


The reason is that in order for the mineral to be absorbed and get into the right tissues of the right organ, the mineral must go along with a certain vitamin. Let's say more, depending on which vitamin will accompany the mineral, this mineral will get into such an organ, and may not get into another, where it is also needed.


Vitamins, on the other hand, should not just get into the blood, but should be activated in the liver, which, in turn, should contain other vitamins in sufficient quantities.


And all this must be in balance, since all vitamins, their combinations and all minerals are antagonists to each other, and the intake of some substances always causes a deficiency of other substances.

Good morning! I feel very good! I am very grateful to you, Sophia! I have energy, I get up in the morning easily and in a good mood. Haven't felt like this in a while. Mood and energy are kept throughout the day. Many thanks!

The client's response about well-being.

Woman, 56 years old, second Test.

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